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Stay Focused on Your Coaching – Let Us Handle the Rest

With our WordPress Website Maintenance services, you can rest easy knowing that your website is in good hands. We’ll take care of the technical details, so you can concentrate on what you do best—coaching and inspiring your clients.

So, What’s Included In The Plan?

Here is an overview of the essential elements that make our website care plan invaluable for our clients.

Website Updates

Regular website updates are essential to keep your site current with the latest features and security patches. This includes updating content, plugins, and themes to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Monitoring & Security

Our monitoring and security services protect your website from potential threats with 24/7 surveillance and proactive measures. We implement advanced security protocols to prevent hacking, malware, and other vulnerabilities.


Website Hosting

We provide reliable and fast website hosting to ensure your site is always accessible and performs optimally for your visitors. Our hosting includes routine server maintenance, software updates, and technical support.

Website Backups

We perform automated daily backups to ensure your website data is always safe and recoverable. In case of any issues, we can quickly restore your site to a previous state without data loss.

Website Optimization

Website optimization services enhance your site’s performance, ensuring fast load times and a smooth user experience. This includes optimizing images, code, and other elements to improve overall speed and efficiency.


Monthly Reporting

Each month, we provide detailed reports that highlight your website’s performance, visitor statistics, and areas for improvement. These insights help you understand how your site is doing and what can be enhanced.

Priority Support

Our maintenance plan includes priority support, ensuring your issues and requests are addressed promptly. You will receive quick responses and solutions, minimizing any disruption to your site’s operation.

Personal Consultations

Personal consultations offer you direct access to our experts for advice, strategy planning, and answering any questions you have about your website. These sessions help tailor the website to your specific needs and goals.


Auto Privacy Policy

Through our partnership with Termageddon, we provide auto-updating privacy policies that ensure your website remains compliant with the latest regulations. This service keeps your legal documents current, reducing your risk of privacy-related fines and issues.

Your website is a reflection of your coaching practice. Ensure it remains a powerful tool for growth and connection with our expert maintenance services. Reach out today to get started!


Frequently asked

Do you have cancellation fees?

Choose the payment plan that works for you! We offer both monthly and annual website maintenance options. Plus, we have a hassle-free cancellation policy. If you ever decide to stop using our service, you can simply cancel, and you’ll only be charged for the period you used.

Do you only provide website maintenance service?

Website Maintenance Even if You Host Elsewhere

We understand you might have existing hosting arrangements. No problem! We can still maintain your website, as long as your hosting provider meets our basic requirements for smooth operation. These requirements ensure your site stays optimized and secure.

Ready to Discuss?

If you’re interested in website maintenance with external hosting, contact us for a consultation. We’ll discuss your specific needs and provide a custom quote.

Would I still be able to purchase the website maintenance plan after initially passing on it?

Changed Your Mind? No Problem!

We understand that website maintenance might seem like a big commitment. If you initially decided against our plan but are now interested, we’d be happy to welcome you back! Our team will ensure your site is properly protected and cared for.

For information about onboarding an existing website after the initial 90-day window, see the setup fees section above.

Are there any setup fees?

Free Website Setup (For 90 Days!)

Get your website up and running without a setup fee when you build it with us! This offer is valid for the first 90 days.

Moving Your Existing Website to Our Care?

If you’d like to switch your website’s hosting and maintenance to us after the initial 90 days, a $99 setup fee applies. This covers tasks like updating your website tools, optimizing the database, installing our backup and security measures, and ensuring everything runs smoothly.

Bringing on a Website We Didn’t Build?

For websites we haven’t designed ourselves, there’s a one-time setup fee of $250. This extra cost reflects the initial work required to understand your existing website’s setup, update any tools, and prepare it for our ongoing maintenance plan.


What happens if I decline the website maintenance plan?

Website Maintenance: Keeping Your Site Secure and Optimized

Our website maintenance plan is highly recommended, but not mandatory. It provides essential services like security updates, performance optimization, backups, and ongoing support to keep your website running smoothly and securely.

The Choice is Yours

Of course, you’re welcome to manage your website yourself. However, by doing so, you’ll assume full responsibility for tasks like updates, security, and backups. It’s important to note that without these services, your website may become vulnerable to security breaches, hacking attempts, or performance issues.

Here to Help

We’re committed to your website’s success. If you have any questions about website maintenance or would like to discuss a customized plan, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

What happens if my website maintenance needs exceed the monthly time allotment included in the plan?

We prioritize speedy updates! Whenever possible, we’ll aim to complete them within 30 minutes to keep your costs down.

However, for larger updates requiring additional time, we’ll provide a clear estimate before we begin. As a valued monthly care client, you’ll benefit from our special reduced hourly rate for these updates.

What if I pass on the plan and my site gets hacked?

Website Hack Cleanup

We understand that website hacks can be stressful. Here are your options:

  • Do it Yourself: If you’re comfortable tackling the issue yourself.
  • Our Website Care Plan: For a one-time fee of $599, we’ll clean your hacked website and set it up on our maintenance plan. This plan ensures ongoing security, optimization, and support to prevent future breaches.

Recovery Timeline

The time to recover from a website hack depends on its severity and duration. SEO rankings and blacklisting issues may take weeks or months to resolve, potentially requiring additional work.

Important Note:

We offer website hack cleanup only if you join our website care plan. This ensures your site receives the ongoing protection it needs to prevent future compromises.

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